PACT support for Wrexham homeless

North Wales Police and Community Trust (PACT) funding has been awarded to two initiatives that are working with the homeless community in the Wrexham area. There are approximately 70 individuals either living on the streets or in temporary accommodation such as hostels or night shelters. Local PCSOs are working with Wrexham County Council and other agencies to show support for the ongoing work with homeless individuals in Wrexham.

PCSO Jessica Nunn is working with AVOW (Association of Voluntary Organisations in Wrexham) and Wrexham Homeless who support individuals who are experiencing homelessness enabling them to live safer and more independent lives.

AVOW has showering facilities which can be accessed by homeless individuals. PACT funding will be used to provide toiletries including shower gel, deodorants, shampoo and sun cream as well as underwear, socks and towels to allow this service to continue.

PCSO Jessica Nunn said: “By supplying toiletries to the homeless community the hope is that it will assist in reducing crime, specifically shop lifting, in the area of Wrexham Town. In addition it will enhance the quality of life and wellbeing of homeless individuals.”

PCSO Jessica Nunn at AVOW

PCSO Stacy Hughes is working with Rough Sleeper Intervention Team outreach workers from Wrexham County Borough Council and The Wallich (Welsh homeless charity). PACT funding will go towards a supply of hot and cold drinks, breakfast items and chocolate bars as well as small sundry items including underwear that will be given to homeless individuals by the outreach workers in the morning to ensure that they have food, drink and essential supplies for the day.

PCSO Stacy Hughes said: “This is an effective way of engaging and communicating with the homeless community in order to assist their needs. The outreach workers build relationships with these individuals, providing a support system as well as gaining an understanding of where they may be sleeping so that needle pick-ups can be carried out to ensure the safety of individuals and others around the area.”

North Wales Police and Community Trust (PACT) is the community safety charity that supports community-led projects that encourage a safer North Wales. Now celebrating its 20th anniversary, PACT continues to champion neighbourhood projects that support the policing and community safety priorities and strive to deliver positive outcomes for all concerned.

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