Direct Entry Inspector Programme

North Wales Police is a high performing organisation which continually seeks to improve the service provided to its diverse communities.

We are therefore looking to identify and develop those with exceptional ambition, determination and vision into the senior ranks of the police service.

If working in a beautiful area with a rich blend of history and culture interests you, then we are pleased to announce that we will be participating in the Direct Entry Inspector Programme.

This programme opens up a direct entry point to North Wales Police, at a management level, for exceptional individuals with proven leadership skills and supervisory experience, to bring new perspectives and diverse backgrounds to support the continuous development of North Wales Police.

The programme is designed to deliver robust and comprehensive training, and exposure to policing to ensure that, upon completion, members are able to competently fulfil the role of an operational uniform inspector.

In return, Inspectors receive a starting salary of £50,160 paid from day one of the training course.

For full details of the programme and application forms, please visit the College of Policing website.

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Eligibility Criteria

Minimum Qualifications - To apply you must have at least one Level 3 qualification (for example, NVQ Level 3) with a minimum of a pass. You must hold the qualification at the time of submitting your application.

Age - You must be 18 or over at the time of submitting your application.

Nationality - You need to be a British citizen, an EC/EEA national, a Commonwealth citizen, or a foreign national with no restrictions on your stay in the UK.

Residency - You must have resided continuously in the UK for the last three years

Financial status - We are unable to consider you if you have outstanding County Court Judgements, or a current Individual Voluntary Agreement (IVA), or have been registered bankrupt within the last three years.

Convictions or cautions - Ideally, you should not have a criminal record. (If you have a conviction as an adult or a juvenile, it is unlikely that you will be suitable, although certain minor offences and cautions may not exclude you.) 

Membership of the British National Party (BNP) or a similar organisation If you are or have ever been a member - you are not eligible to apply.

Tattoos - Some tattoos are allowed, but they must not be particularly prominent, garish, offensive or undermine the dignity and authority of your role. You’ll need to send us photos of your tattoos when you apply so we can decide whether they are acceptable

Previous applicants to the role of Police Constable who are within 6 months of their notification of being unsuccessful are not eligible to apply.


Welsh Language Commitment

In addition to the published guidelines, applicants looking to join North Wales Police should be aware of the Force's commitment to support its bilingual and Welsh speaking communities.

The ability to speak Welsh is recognised as a skill, alongside other policing skills. Applicants will therefore need to evidence their ability to speak level 2 Welsh and with the full support of the Force, will be required to achieve Level 3 Welsh during the 3 year programme.

North Wales Police serves a community covering an area of 6,300 square kilometres. In your role you will need to travel the breadth of this area and as such you will be expected to live within a reasonable travelling distance of the Force area by the expected commencement date.


Opening date 07/01/19

Closing date 18/02/19