How to apply

We are not currently recruiting PCSOs

But you can prepare for the next opportunity by finding out if you're eligible and learning about the application process below.

Do you have the qualifications?

To apply to become a PCSO, you must have a GCSE grade A to C in both Maths and English Language (or equivalent level 2 or above qualifications in both of these subjects).

If you do not have the required GCSE in English and Maths, but feel your experience equates to this level then you will be able to take a psychometric test (Verbal Reasoning and Calculation). 

You must hold the qualification at the time of submitting your application.

We cannot accept 'expected grades', as you will need to supply copies of your certificates as part of your application.

Are you eligible?

Eligibility requirements for the police service are fairly detailed.

After registering your details in the e-recruitment system, there will be some questions to determine whether you are eligible to apply. They will cover the following topics...

Application Process

We need to be sure we recruit people of the highest quality, so our application process involves several challenging steps.

Even if you achieve them all, be aware that it does not automatically guarantee a position with us. We have to balance the operational needs of the Force with the number of vacancies.

If you meet the eligibility criteria and want to apply, please read through the information below for full details about the steps involved.