Why be a Police Cadet?

Why be a Police Cadet?

Why should I join the cadets?

Our cadets join us for lots of reasons. As well as having fun and meeting new people, it's also a great way to:

  • Gain new skills and experience
  • Learn about policing
  • Make a difference in your local community
  • Take part in all kinds of activities - from patrolling local events, to charity walks, to karting or caving

Young people are sometimes portrayed in a bad light in the media. Being a cadet is a chance for you to show the positive contribution you can make to your community.

What skills will I gain?

Being a cadet can help you develop these skills:

  • Communication
  • Teamwork
  • Problem solving
  • First aid
  • How to plan and deliver a presentation
  • CV, interview and application form techniques

Will it help me join the police?

As a cadet you'll get a great insight into the police and the work we do, but it is not a direct path to joining.

"Joining the Cadets has helped increase my confidence and develop key skills such as communication, discipline, and the importance of commitment and reliability. All the foundations needed for a future career."

VPC Mali Anthony

What to expect

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