We are currently recruiting Police Officers

We are accepting applications to fill Police Constable vacancies throughout the Force area with effect from Monday, 6 February 2017. The closing date for applications is Friday, 24 February 2017 at 12 noon. Applications received after this date and time will not be considered.

Visit the Application Process page for the application form and details of how to apply.

The role of Police Constable is a highly skilled and rewarding role, requiring integrity and dedication. By joining North Wales Police you will be joining an organisation that is really making a difference to local communities and local people by reducing antisocial behaviour, disorder, crime and the fear of crime.

This is no routine job. No other career can offer you the challenges, excitement and daily variation that becoming a Police Constable can. Once in post, you will also find the Force offers excellent career opportunities, training and development to ensure you make the most of your time with us. You can help to make North Wales a safer place to live.

If you are unfamiliar with the Force area please refer to our website. By submitting your application you are confirming that you will serve anywhere within the North Wales Police Force area and as such you may need to relocate in order to take up the posting as determined by North Wales Police so that your travel time to and from work is not excessive. 

In accordance with an amendment to Police Regulations, North Wales Police now require applicants to evidence any of the below criteria:

(a)  2 A Levels (Grade A – E) or a Level 3 qualification (eg NVQ Level 3) with a minimum of a pass.

(b)  An academic or vocational qualification gained outside England and Wales considered by the UK National Recognition Information Centre to be equivalent to a Level 3 qualification.

(c)  Training or work experience, whether undertaken in or outside England and Wales considered by the Chief Officer to be equivalent to a Level 3 qualification. Consideration of such training or work experience will be on a case by case basis if other criteria are not met.

(d)  A policing qualification approved by the Sector Skills Council for the Justice Sector.

(e)  2 years’ service as a Special Constable having achieved independent patrol status and continuously worked the minimum number of duty hours per week (ie 4 hours).

(f)   2 years’ continuous service as a Police Community Support Officer designated  under Section 38 of the Police Reform Act 2002.

(g)  2 years’ continuous service in the employment of a police force or office which is related to a police force which is considered by the Chief Officer to prepare a person for service as a member of a police force.

Please note that all candidates must have been awarded qualifications referred to in categories (a) – (d) above at the time of application and expected grades will not be accepted.   If there is any doubt in relation to the validity of qualification or eligibility regarding any of the categories referred to above, the decision of whether to accept will be delegated to the Head of People Services.   The decision of whether or not to accept employment for “office related to a police force” will also rest with the Head of People Services and will be considered on a case by case basis. 

Prior to submitting an application, please take time to complete the pre-application questionnaire in order to determine your eligibility and suitability for the role of Police Constable. In order to do this, please click on the following link:


It is important to note that all applicants are required to have resided continuously in the UK for three years immediately prior to submitting an application to join the police service, with any absence from the UK being no more than six months during this time.

In addition, current and former North Wales Police Staff and Police Staff serving with other Forces please note :  If successful at the paper sift stage, a reference will be forwarded to your current/former line manager to support your application.  If your application is not supported by the line manager, it will not be processed further.

All Police Community Support Officers serving with North Wales Police and other Forces will be required to have committed to that role for a minimum of two years before being considered for appointment to the role of Police Constable.

If your application form is successful you may be required to attend an Assessment Centre at Ryton, Coventry, week commencing Monday 15 May 2017, and following this, an interview and Welsh test with North Wales Police. Any costs incurred as a result of an application must be borne by the applicant.

North Wales Police is an equal opportunities employer and is totally committed to the principles of equality and diversity. We welcome applications from all sections of the community.