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Colin’s story

Colin's Story image Colin is 15 years old.

I have a history of being involved in the criminal justice system due to anti-social behavior and my drug and alcohol use. I used to get frustrated by my mum’s depression and used to feel responsible for my younger brother. As a result I stopped going to school and began to use more cannabis and miaow, with my friends. I had several accidents whereby I sustained injuries that I could not remember happening.

Mum started to report me to Police and Social Services as my drinking had become out of control. I would often climb out of my bedroom window to go and meet my friends in the early hours to go drinking and taking drugs, I thought it was fun and it helped me forget my problems.

Until one weekend I ended up in hospital as a result of being grabbed into the car by a woman and a man. The woman forced me to have sex with her and the male forced me to give him oral sex, I was heavily under the influence of drugs and alcohol. The ambulance report stated that I was distressed and had been found with my trousers around my neck, my trainers had been removed and my T-Shirt was missing.

My Mum was deemed not able to keep me safe due to me being considered at significant risk of sexual exploitation and possible repercussions from the allegation I had made about the male and female that took me in the car. As a result Mum agreed to work with the Local Authority and gave consent for me to be placed into foster care.

I was then allocated a practitioner from Barnardo’s Seraf Service. My Seraf worker gives me a safe space to talk about the things that frustrate me and make me vulnerable to being sexual exploited and helps me to keep safe. I no longer go missing or associate with my old friends. I have a safe place.

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