Case Studies

Elen’s story

Elen's Story imageI was sexually exploited for four years by someone who I thought of as a ‘family member.’ They would drive me around in their car to different houses and areas. Once we were at these locations there would be men there that I didn’t know. I would be given drugs and alcohol and told that I looked grown up and that what they were doing to me was normal and I was the one which was abnormal for making a fuss.

It would often be arranged by the ‘family member’ for different men who always drove flash cars to pick me up and take me to various houses where I would be given more drugs and alcohol in return for sex. At the time I was being moved around to different addresses and areas I really didn’t think there was anything wrong with it and even thought it was quite exciting, plus I felt grown up.

But now I know it was all a set up and that I was being manipulated and tricked. Now that I am out of the situation and looking in I can see it for what it was – sexual exploitation.

I am so angry now. I feel that they tormented and robbed four years of my childhood.

*Elen was sexually exploited for four years from the age of 13-years-old



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