Child Sexual Exploitation

Child sexual exploitation is the coercion or manipulation of children and young people into taking part in sexual activities.

It is a crime that can affect any child, anytime, anywhere - regardless of their social or ethnic background.

It involves offenders grooming children and young people and using their power to sexually abuse them. It can take many forms, whether it occurs through a seemingly 'consensual' relationship with an older boyfriend, or a young person having sex in return for attention, gifts, alcohol, drugs or cigarettes.

The Police and their partners are committed to preventing child sexual abuse, helping victims and bringing offenders to justice.

Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) includes:

Children do not volunteer to be sexually exploited and they cannot consent to their own abuse; they are forced and/or coerced.

Child Sexual Exploitation applies to male and female children up to the age of 18 years irrespective of whether they are living independently, at home, with carers, or in a residential setting.

How does it affect young people? Read their stories here:

Elen’s story

"I was sexually exploited for four years by someone who I thought of as a ‘family member.’ They would drive me around in their car to different houses and areas."

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Colin's Story

Colin is 15 years old.
" I have a history of being involved in the criminal justice system due to anti-social behavior and my drug and alcohol use."

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Lucy's Story

"At the age of eight I was abused by a family member and by ten-years-old I was regularly self-harming – banging my head and sticking needles in myself. "

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