What makes a child more at risk?



However it is important to note that children without pre-existing vulnerabilities can still be sexually exploited.

Sexual exploitation is child abuse and, although they may not realise it, it puts the young victim at huge risk of damage to their physical, emotional and psychological health.

Many young people who are being abused do not realise they are at risk and will not call for help. They may see themselves as willing participants when in fact their behaviour is anything but consenting.

Offenders come from many different social and ethnic backgrounds but they all have one thing in common. They are abusing young people and are using their status or position to exploit vulnerable victims.

Elen’s story

"I was sexually exploited for four years by someone who I thought of as a ‘family member.’ They would drive me around in their car to different houses and areas."

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Colin's Story

Colin is 15 years old.
" I have a history of being involved in the criminal justice system due to anti-social behavior and my drug and alcohol use."

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Lucy's Story

"At the age of eight I was abused by a family member and by ten-years-old I was regularly self-harming – banging my head and sticking needles in myself. "

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