Know the signs

Medium risk:


  • High risk:

    • periods of going missing overnight or longer
    • older ‘boyfriend’/ relationship with controlling adult
    • physical/emotional abuse by that ‘boyfriend’/controlling adult
    • entering/leaving vehicles driven by unknown adults
    • unexplained amounts of money, expensive clothing or other items
    • frequenting areas known for on or off street sexual exploitation
    • physical injury without plausible explanation
    • disclosure of sexual/physical assault followed by withdrawal of allegation1
    • peers involved in clipping (receiving payment in exchange for agreement to perform sexual acts but not performing the sexual act)/sexual exploitation
  • Elen’s story

    "I was sexually exploited for four years by someone who I thought of as a ‘family member.’ They would drive me around in their car to different houses and areas."

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    Colin's Story

    Colin is 15 years old.
    " I have a history of being involved in the criminal justice system due to anti-social behavior and my drug and alcohol use."

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    Lucy's Story

    "At the age of eight I was abused by a family member and by ten-years-old I was regularly self-harming – banging my head and sticking needles in myself. "

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